Member Update: HK$1.2 Million Granted to Education, Scholarships and Charities in 2014

May 27, 2014

Dear AWA Members:

HK$1.2 million donated!

We are very pleased to announce that AWA Charitable Donations and Education &  Scholarships will be donating HK$1.2 million this year, a total amount reached jointly by AWA and the American Chamber of Commerce. 

It is due to the generosity of our members, the many events held to raise money for good causes, and the hard work of so many that this money will benefit hundreds of those in need in Hong Kong. 

While there are too many who benefitted from AWA’s largesse to mention here, please read below for some of the ways you have Made a Difference this year. 

Education & Scholarships - HK$218,000 was awarded

  • The Vocational Training Council was awarded HK$80,000 and covers 25 yearly scholarships awarded to students who meet academic excellence and financial need criteria;
  • Lingnan University was awarded HK$105,000 to cover three yearly academic scholarship to three women students; and
  • Loan schemes set up 25 years ago to three local universities received a final donation of HK$33,000.

 It is heartwarming for all those involved from the Education & Scholarship team to know that AWA donations help pave the way to success for students from humble origins. Many are the hope of their parents and the first generation from hard working families to attend university. 

Charitable Donations - HK$761,340 awarded from AWA and HK$190,672 from AmCham

The Charitable Donations Committee works hard from the beginning of the year to the Awards Tea to read through grant proposals, visit and meet personnel from charities being considered, and match those in need with AWA’s criteria for giving. AWA serves smaller, lesser known charities where donation dollars helps purchase equipment or start (and continue) programs.  The difference your contributions made this year include:

  • Replacing 18 dehumidifiers for an elderly residence;
  • Therapy sessions for impoverished autistic children;
  • Food and pest control at a homeless shelter for domestic workers ;
  • Laptops, tablets and internet access for hospitalized children;
  • A drug intervention program for ethnic, minority youth;
  • Sterilizers for a dental clinic serving the needy;
  • A replacement pony for a program that helps the disabled; and
  • Educational and workshop programs for children and families, the elderly, and migrant workers.

To all AWA members who generously donated money, thank you for making a difference to the community of Hong Kong.

To the many volunteers who dedicated long hours that helped improve the lives of others, please accept our gratitude for helping AWA’s long-standing legacy of giving to our community continue.