Press Release: Conscious Couture Fashion Show

March 20, 2017

The fashion industry is, like most industries, wasteful by nature. However, a new generation of designers is out there to change that. They support the shift towards a more conscious way of consuming and living, and encourage their customers to be more mindful and more curious consumers, investigating what has gone into their fashion the way they would their food.

Designers for the AWA’s Conscious Couture Fashion Show were selected based on how each garment is made, with a focus on sustainable manufacturing processes and materials; whether the item was made with recycled fibers, natural dyes or sustainable or organic materials; whether a portion of the proceeds goes to charity or whether the manufacturing process provides a living wage for the factory workers. Strong emphasis was put on promoting locally grown talent.

Below is a selection of some of the talented designers which will be participating on the night:

Heritage ReFashioned is a collection of handbags and accessories made with upcycled vintage textiles from China, Japan and Bhutan. By giving a new life to forsaken and forgotten textiles rich with cultural heritage, they are pairing colourful history with sustainable eco-friendly fashion. 

Janko Lam of Classic ANew wholeheartedly supports the upcycle movement by working with recycled fabrics. Lam creates modern interpretations of traditional Chinese clothing like the ever so stylish qipao dress, wrap blouses and mandarin collar jackets. 

Aries Sin of Modement focuses on unisex wear; taking the best of men’s and women’s tailoring to come up with clothes that are modern and edgy.  The designer likes to use minimal cutting with an emphasis on great silhouettes.

Emi & Eve jewellerycollection is carefully handcrafted by Cambodian artisans from brass bombshells, providing sustainable livelihoods and reclaiming land from landmines.

The signature style of the Sera by Raashi collection lies in reviving original, handcrafted, delicate embroidery in luxury evening gowns and cocktail dresses. All embroidery is done by hand by a group of artisans in India and the stitching is done in a studio in Aberdeen.

The Boracay dress from Rania Hatoum Bridal shows off the ultimate eco-fabric - recycled pineapple leaves and spun silk, while it is lined with organic cotton. The designer uses fibers from pineapple leaves that would typically be disposed of after every harvest. The fabric is intricately hand-woven by women that are attempting to break free from poverty and provide their families with a better life in the Philippines. This natural beauty is refined with no toxic chemicals, a true beauty inside and out. 

La French Cut is a custom made shoe brand producing limited edition handmade shoes. The custom-made production process allows for minimal material loss during cutting and the use of recycled materials.


Conscious Couture – AWA Charity Fashion Show

26 April 2017 /  6:30-10pm / American Club Tai Tam / Tickets $1,000 from or 2527 2961

The Fashion Show is the culmination of a fundraising season which we expect will raise HK$1,000,000 to help local charities that benefit at risk women and children, the elderly, and the disabled.