Adventure Series: Wander Asia Local Tour-Yangshuo/Guilin Hike and Raft in Karst Landscape

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Let's go hiking in spring and take a bamboo raft ride down the Yulong River! Marvel at the surreal karst landscape, which has been immortalized in Chinese classical landscape paintings and poetry for two thousand years.

Welcome to Guilin, where you will be treated to an abundance of amazing scenery and traditional Chinese architecture centuries old. The Guilin area has been an important part of China since the Qin Dynasty, when the Ling Canal was built, linking the Central Plains with the Lingnan area (modern-day Guangdong). Due to its strategic location linking north and south, the area used to be very prosperous with many merchants’ and officials’ grand residences. As such, we can still find many Ming and Qing Dynasty-era buildings in small towns around Guilin.

For this trip, we will be hiking along the Li River, passing by some rustic fishing villages and experiencing up close the towering karst peaks, the lush forest at their base, and beautiful birdsong. We’ll also relax and enjoy the scenery while riding traditional bamboo rafts down the Yulong River. In addition to the scenery, we will also discover the rich local culture, staying at a tastefully refurbished Qing Dynasty mansion and exploring a very well-preserved ancient town, complete with a former scholars’ ancestral hall featuring delicate wooden carvings, government offices, etc.

You will need a valid China visa and passport with at least seven months’ validity. You will also need your own private travel insurance valid for the trip.

The tour price includes: Metro to Shenzhen train station; high-speed train to Guilin and return; two nights in boutique guesthouse (double occupancy); private chartered minivan for local transport; and meals (Day 1 D, Day 2 B+L+D, Day 3 B+L). Drinks and desserts and Chinese visa are not included. 

Hike Rating: 2.1 out of 5, less than 10 km, less than 300m elevation gain, speed 2.5  

Highlights of the trip:

- Hiking through the countryside dotted with rustic villages and fields

- Taking a relaxing yet exciting bamboo raft ride down the Yulong river flanked by karst peaks

- Staying at a fabulously restored Qing dynasty mansion, set in a small peaceful village surrounded by nature

- Exploring a bustling bazaar on market day or visiting traditional artisans in an old village


Day 1

            •           Take high speed train to Guilin

            •           Take car to Yangshuo

            •           Check into tastefully refurbished Qing dynasty mansion guesthouse, dinner

Day 2

            •           Hike up Xianggongshan (~15min) to get a fabulous panoramic view of the Li River and the surrounding Karst mountain

            •           Hiking through the beautiful countryside dotted with rustic villages and fields to Xingping

            •           Explore Xingping old town and lunch

            •           Take a traditional bamboo raft ride to Jiuxian, taking in the peaceful scenery of Karst, fields and villages on the way

            •           Return to guesthouse and dinner

Day 3

            •           Explore the bustling bazaar nearby, selling all sorts of local produce

            •           Depart Yangshuo by car

            •           Lunch and take high speed train back home

*The above is just a rough itinerary and is subjected to changes.

Registration must be received by Friday February 15.  No refunds will be given.


DatesMarch 12, 2019 - March 14, 2019

LocationExact bus depot location will be emailed to participants

Member Cost$7,500

Guest Cost$7,800

Balance DueMarch 1 2019

Additional InfoAWA activities are open to AWA members, their partners and guests. All participants must be 18 years or older to take part