Educational Series - Historical Talk with Jason Wordie: How Hong Kong Became - and Un-Became - 'A Barren Rock' - CANCELLED

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Hong Kong was not always the lush green tropical paradise you see today. Mid-nineteenth century photographic images of Hong Kong and its immediate hinterland graphically depict a bare, denuded landscape, while half a century later, the new colony's hillsides were rapidly becoming covered in trees. How did this process of mass deforestation - which happened in the decades before British acquisition - and a remarkable return to greenery and natural diversity - occur?

In this heavily illustrated talk, leading local historian Jason Wordie will explore the regional economic pressures that caused mass deforestation from the 1750s onwards, and the key, interlinked roles of reliable water supply creation for a burgeoning city, regional botanical gardens, and Victorian ideas of civic improvement that helped create the lovely landscape which we enjoy today in our countryside.

Time10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

LocationAWA office

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