Member Spotlight: Helen Carruthers

Member Spotlight: Helen Carruthers
Tracy Myers
15 January 2023
General, Spotlight

When did you join AWA and what led you to becoming a member? Tell us about your leadership roles.  

I joined in 2016 when my friend and fellow member, Angela Bellas, suggested I pursue the role of Chair for Education and Scholarship on the AWA Board given my experience in the charity sector in London. After being interviewed, I decided to take the plunge and accept the Chair position.

Currently I’m involved with the Charitable Donations Committee as well as Local Tours. The AWA's motto of “Connect and Contribute” really resonates as I love meeting new people and using my time to benefit the local community.

Finish this thought: "When I joined AWA, I never imagined I would ____________." And how has that been a source for your personal growth?

When I joined the AWA, I never imagined I would sit on a Board with such wonderfully dynamic women. It has given me the confidence to realise that my ideas and experiences can add value while working in a team. I love being collaborative, bouncing ideas around and finding the best solutions.

What's an example of a time the AWA community supported you during a life transition/ life change? 

Arriving in Hong Kong in 2015 and not knowing anyone was a challenge. The AWA was the perfect place to meet new people. When I was a child my family briefly emigrated to New Zealand and I never forgot what a difference a friendly word made. So I now go out of my way to have a chat with someone new to help them feel included and welcomed.

Where else does facilitating connection and inclusion show up in your life? 

In March 2022, I decided to train as a Life Coach as I had a growing interest in how talking things through with someone else can make a real difference. It enables people to get 'insights into their own stuff' and the life coach facilitates this process. Part of my training has been to be 'the thinker', and I have experienced the benefit of the process for myself.

What else would you like AWA members to know?

I’m working to achieve my coaching accreditation by September, which includes completing my required number of coaching hours. I would like to give AWA members the opportunity to experience coaching sessions with me through 1:1, safe and confidential conversations, in person or virtual. It can be about anything personal or professional, small or large. In return, the coaching recipient would give a donation to the AWA charities, in lieu of payment for coaching sessions.

As we kick off 2023, many of us may be thinking about how to transition out of challenging situations, and life coaching can be effective in supporting your journey. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you, Helen, we enjoyed learning more about you and what you’re working on in the new year!

Contact Helen here for more information on life coaching sessions.