A Helping Hand for the Elderly

A Helping Hand for the Elderly

Helping Hand, a Hong Kong charity assisting more than 700 elderly residents with housing, nursing care and attention, is one of the American Women’s Association’s most frequent charitable recipients.

In 2012, Helping Hand asked the AWA for ceiling-mounted fans to keep its residents more comfortable. Through funding providing by the AWA’s chief charitable partner, the American Chamber of Commerce, 35 fans were installed.

During a recent site visit to Helping Hand’s Siu Sai Wan location by an AWA Charitable Donations team, residents told us how happy they were to have the ceiling mounted fans, which meant they remained comfortable in their private living spaces. From talking to them it was obvious the fans really made a big difference in their day-to-day lives.

This year Helping Hand is requesting $43,200 from the AWA to purchase 18 dehumidifiers ($2,400 each) to replace outdated appliances, that are ineffective and inefficient. Anyone who has weathered a Hong Kong summer can appreciate the value of a properly functioning dehumidifier. Priceless!

The AWA's Charitable Donations Program provides grants, both large and small, to a variety of non-profit organizations throughout Hong Kong supporting projects that benefit women, children, the elderly, the disabled and those with other health and special needs.

Each year the AWA receives many more grant requests than we can fund, this year’s requests total close to $5 million. We are lucky to have partners, like the American Chamber of Commerce, who will fund projects that meet their guidelines. The AWA has a rigorous grant proposal review and vetting process that includes site visits by the Charitable Donations committee members.

The 2013-14 Make a Difference campaign is about raising money for charities like Helping Hand. If you haven’t made a pledge yet, please help us help them!