AWAre is the signature publication of the AWA. Published 9 times a year, AWAre is a great resource for both prospective and current members. Find out about upcoming events and gain insight from articles about navigating Hong Kong and travel around the region.

With every issue, AWAre informs, educates, and promotes the mission of the AWA. 

And there’s more!  Want to get involved?  AWAre is planned, written, and produced by volunteer members.  Learn more below about how you can contribute.

Summer 2017

AWAre magazine is a high quality, professionally produced publication with wide exposure to both the local and the expat Hong Kong community. This, coupled with an opportunity to reach our membership, means AWAre attracts a variety of enthusiastic advertisers. Supported financially by advertising revenue, we rely on our Advertising Manager to ensure the profitability of AWAre. Please email us if you would like to gain experience in selling advertising to local and foreign businesses.  It is a great way to get to know Hong Kong. 

Cover art, advertisements and fliers for AWA events, page design, and color coordination are all essential aspects of publication. Whether your interest and expertise is in free-hand art, graphic art, or computer aided design, we need you. Please contact the AWAre editor and share your talents.

Story telling, recounting of personal or familial experiences, sharing of knowledge, and the reporting of historical or current events are all essential components to the AWAre magazine. You do not need to be a Pulitzer Prize winner to write for AWAre, nor do you need to submit an article every month. Simply let us know that you are interested in contributing and we will contact you with our monthly “wish list” of articles. Some may pique your interest, others you may want to turn down. Let us know that you are willing to try your hand at writing by responding to the AWAre editor at  and get ready to see your words in print!

AWAre magazine is sent to members after monthly planning, distributing writing duties, proofreading, editing, selecting photographs and artwork, and a final edit and proof before going to press. Join the fun of seeing an issue from inception to final product. We need your time and energy for our editing team. Please email the AWAre editor to express your interest.  

The fun and excitement of AWA events, as well as our every day activities in and around Hong Kong, are best remembered through photography. If you have an eye for the unexpected, are keen for candids, or just like recording people and surroundings, please let us know. We need and welcome your help. Please contact the AWAre editor or simply send your prize photo via email. Please include the name and date of the event, the person(s) pictured in the photograph, and the name of the photographer. Should you prefer to send a print, please include the required information written on the back of the photo and mail to the AWAre editor at the AWA office.

AWAre Magazine Guidelines


The purpose of the AWAre magazine is to support the role of AWA’s commitment to philanthropy, volunteering and social activities and excite both members and prospective members about the many opportunities to get involved with the organization. To provide this support, the magazine seeks to:

  • Inform members of activities and opportunities within the AWA;
  • Promote special events;
  • Showcase Hong Kong and the region; and
  • Represent the diverse AWA’s membership.


AWAre is published 9 times a year with two combined issues published in December/ January and June/July/ August. 


The magazine is staffed by volunteers, including an appointed Board position of Editor, with support from graphic designers and office staff.  The layout and printing are outsourced.


Editor. Responsibilities of the AWAre editor are to:

  • Ensure content is congruent with board policies and highlights pre-determined event coverage;
  • Meet with the editorial team to discuss content against an established six-month editorial calendar;
  • Assign articles, series and confirm deadlines;
  • Assemble photographs and cover image;
  • Liaise with advertising representatives (volunteers) to ensure production costs are covered by advertising revenue. Consult with the President at the planning stage of each issue and submitting final PDF to the President for comments prior to print deadline;
  • Work with the production team to ensure the magazine meets AWA standards;
  • Ensure content is balanced and consistent;
  • Establish good relationships with office staff; and
  • Meet required deadlines.

Assistant Editors. Responsibilities include proofreading submitted stories and editing for grammar, accuracy and readability.

Writers. Volunteer writers can present story ideas for the magazine which must be approved in advance. Copy submitted should be well-written, proofread, meet word count established by the Editor and be submitted on deadline. Stories should not be solicitious in nature and should be helpful to AWA members in learning more about Asia and Hong Kong, AWA activities or the difference we make in the community.

Advertising Representatives. Representatives align advertising prospects with the magazine content. Soliciting new advertisers is an ongoing process.

Magazine Content

Planning. An overall plan for the year is outlined with the Board to align with AWA, the Board or cultural events e.g., Bazaar, Chinese New Year.  Within the plan, allowance is made for additional features as appropriate. 

Regular Features. Include:

  • Articles about the work that AWA does in the community with a focus on Education and Scholarships, Community Service or Charitable Donations. A regular schedule is developed for the year to showcase our community service and philanthropic efforts;
  • Articles about travel, written from a personal perspective; and
  • Articles about life in Hong Kong can include but are not limited to:
    • Neighborhoods, parks, hikes, beaches and day trips of interest
    • Members’ interests
    • Articles about recent AWA activities/events members have enjoyed
    • Member profiles that align with an established methodology
    • Articles that support fundraising activities.

Writing. The Associated Press Stylebook as AWA’s style guideline for all communications. American English is AWA’s established standard language.

Story Length. Each issue will contain stories of different lengths and topics with the aim of holding readers’ interest. While subject to the Editor’s direction, a full page story is approximately 500 words.   Appropriate, good quality photographs are used to enhance the story.

Advertising. Advertising for the magazine is crucial to covering the production costs.  Advance planning of content enables representatives to seek advertisers congruent to content. 

Photographs. Photography must be high quality in order to reproduce in a high quality magazine. If needed, photography workshops can be held for contributors


  • Submission: The submission dates for stories and photographs is set by the Editor and writers are informed.  Any late submissions must be authorized by the Editor;
  • Revisions: Date when editing must be completed;
  • Print: Established by the Editor and printer; and
  • Distribution: Date when magazine is mailed out. The intention is for the magazine to arrive before the first day of the month.


Feedback from subscribers, advertisers, board and members is an essential part of ongoing improvement and/or change.  Discussions at the Editorial team level and Board can be helpful in maintaining high standards.

Cost Effectiveness 

Is conducted on a regular basis.

Revised May 19, 2016