Red Cross Holiday Cookie Drive

The Cookie Drive is one of AWA's longest standing holiday traditions. In Early December volunteers bake and deliver cookies for the Hong Kong Red Cross, who then distribute them to 21 Red Cross Hospital Schools serving 2,000 handicapped and hospitalized children. 

Information for the 2018 Cookie Drive will be published in November. Please use the button above to register your interest in participating.

The cookie requirements from the Red Cross for the cookies are:

  • Small cookies, say 1 ½ to 2 inches in diameter (smaller appetites).
  • No peanut butter or nuts. No fruits, jam, cream.
  • Prefered cookies - gingerbread men, oatmeal, Christmas decorated cookies
  • Less sugar as the local taste preference is for less sweet in their sweets.
  • Less salt.


  • Cookies to be packed in disposable containers, such as Gladware as the containers will not be returned. Cookies not in airtight containers will not be used.
  • Keep in plastic containers for better hygiene, freshness and easy delivery.
  • Do not package individually.
  • Write the number of cookies on the lid.

We hope we will get many holiday bakers for this amazing event.  OUR GOAL IS 3000 COOKIES!

The Difference We Make

Baking cookies is an American tradition, not practiced by local families. The Red Cross says it makes the children and their families feel the love and generosity and it adds a special touch to holiday festivities.


Additional InfoAWA activities are open to AWA members, their partners and guests. All participants must be 18 years or older to take part