Social Career

We are offering additional AWA approved volunteer opportunities via the Social Career platform.

Please click the button above to register and view upcoming dates of available volunteer opportunities.

Social Career is a Hong Kong based non-profit technology organisation founded in 2015. With funding support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, they have built a free online platform that encourages the general public to volunteer and get involved in social causes and service activities. We are thrilled that Social Career has developed a program for our members that allows access to the platform through our website which makes it easier for you to navigate!

Here’s the list of charities with volunteer opportunities on Social Career for you to check out:

  • Against Child Abuse - Works on all areas for children’s rights
  • St. James’ Settlement - Youth care, family & counselling services to elderly care
  • Kely Support Group - Youth outreach
  • Christian Action - Programs for refugees, children & youth from low income families
  • Feeding HK - Redistributes surplus food to where there is a need
  • Pathfinders - Helps pregnant, migrant women in distress and HK born children
  • Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre - Professional support to people with cancer and families



Additional InfoAWA activities are open to AWA members, their partners and guests. All participants must be 18 years or older to take part